Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cheap And Easy Camping Food

By Julie Barry

Barbecuing a fancy meal on your next camping trip can be a lot of fun, plus it can be tasty. However, often we are limited by time, money or space for transporting our gear. That is where cheap and simple camp meals come in useful.

You don't always have to forgo a warm, cooked meal to low-cost food that is easy to prepare. With a mobile burner, you can still enjoy hot coffee in the morning, cook warm morning meals, make fragrant stews and plenty more.

A mobile gas burner can cost you less than twenty bucks plus a mini propane tank will cost a few dollars. Besides being less costly than a barbecue, camping stove or portable grill - this cooking set up uses up extremely minimal space in your car. They are also ideal for backpacking trips.

Presuming that you don't wish to bring food that you need to refrigerate, below are some concepts for camping meals that are easy, economical and healthy.


Get yourself a big stew pot, and you can heat water for all types of noodles. Pasta is cheap, uses up practically no space and does not have to be cooled. Add a container of pasta sauce, and you have a warm, filling meal. Leftovers also make a fantastic, quick lunch.

Chili Beans

Get a couple of cans of chili and heat them in your kettle. Many products already have seasonings included, so this means less work for you without needing to forgo flavor. Once again, no refrigeration required, and naturally canned food keeps for a long time. You can even add your chili to your pasta dish above.


There is nothing like a warm meal at daybreak when you are camping, and oatmeal costs virtually nothing and uses up very little space. You can use the exact same pot you utilized for the pasta and the chili and throw in some oats for a couple of minutes with some cinnamon or maple syrup. For a heartier meal, you can even add some trail mix or dried fruit, which are great treats to take on a camping journey anyhow.


Although it takes longer to cook than pasta, rice is a good alternative, since it is compact, low-cost and it does not have to be refrigerated in its dry state. Rice matches any sort of meat, fish or vegetable, however, I even like it plain with some curry powder.

Tuna in a Can

Canned tuna is an inexpensive, simple and a fast source of healthy protein. Add it to rice, sandwiches, tortilla chips or eat it by itself out of the can. Small serving containers are also a convenient advantage.


This veggie might use up more area, but it is easy to transport, does not need refrigeration and is a low-cost healthy carbohydrate. You might like baked potatoes or those cooked in a skillet vs boiled potatoes, however, no matter what kind of cooking devices you have, know that you have meal choices.

Peanut Butter

Don't forget peanut butter. It is quick and simple and a good source of protein also. If you are looking for an alternative to sandwich bread, why not get whole wheat crackers or rice cakes?

There are plenty more food options to come up with camping meals, however, these staples are very flexible and help you produce a significant number of dishes just by changing your seasonings or sauce.

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