Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What To Look For In The Best Camping Tent

By Tommie Herendeen

It is necessary to have the best tent for your particular needs whether you are to be out on a multi day backpacking trip or spending the weekend on a family camp site. Each situation has its own set of requirements. There are a number of features that all tents should have and then depending on what you exactly need from it, there are others which will help you out in particular environments and situations.

Firstly, the most prominent detail to look at is the size of the tent. If you are not experienced in shopping for tents you can often get caught out by the way they are classified. The size of a camping tent is determined by the number of people they can accommodate. As an example a four-man camping tent can sleep 4 people.

The tricky thing for the uninitiated camper is that tents appear way to small to fit as many people as they say they can. This is due to the fact that the size is based upon the maximum individuals sleeping practically on top of each other. If you will need to have any space for baggage or you would like to sleep far from the sides of your tent then you need to buy a tent larger than the number of persons who will be resting in it. For example, a 4 man tent is ideal for a twosome who need lots of room each side of a mattress for their luggage, or for three people with no bags but with a little space to move around.

Weather resistance is one other critical feature of any tent. Unless you're camping in the desert you'll normally need to have a tent that can ensure staying water proof for as long as you need to have it set up. This is for clear reasons!

Bulkiness and set up time is a matter that you may need to take a close look at if you will be employing your tent on a hike. The last thing you want is to haul a heavy tent all around on your back all day then afterwards have to spend an excessive amount of time setting it up once you come to rest. And spending too long taking it down in the morning is far from the best way to commence a day's walking either.

Lightweight hiking tents are costly but well worth purchasing if you are serious about making it the best and most enjoyable experience. However not all of us needs to have this characteristic, like those who camp on a family site and do not want to move it around each day can save money by purchasing a tent that doesn't have these features. These factors are only a small number of the choices people will have to examine when selecting a camping tent. Certainly, there are definitely many more to keep in mind but this shall get people off on the right foot.

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