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Great Alabama Bike Trails

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By PJ Williams

Alabama has excellent bike riding trails. The terrain can vary from steep mountain downhills, to thick forests and everything in between. Alabama makes for great family getaways because there is something for every skill level. Below are some of my favorite Alabama bike trails.

Just outside of Mobile is South Alabama, which has an excellent trail for beginners and experienced riders alike. This is a fifteen mile loop, combined with a smaller seven mile loop. They have quick rolling hills where you will grab some speed on the downhills. These trails are popular so lookout for other riders and hikers. They are also very well maintained so treat them with care.

Oak Mountain State Park has some of the very best riding in the state of Alabama. Theres something here for everyone. Its located near Birmingham and does require a small admission fee. There are lots of trails ranging from tight and technical to roller coaster downhill sections in the parks 20 miles of track. Advanced riders will want to look for Blood Rock. This is the most technical part of the track.

Wetumpka, Alabama has the Swayback Bridge Trail. It is a small twelve mile loop that can get pretty tough to climb but is a fantastically fun ride. The rocks and exposed roots will keep you on your game but the speed you can get will make you feel like a kid again. You may want to enjoy the early morning at Lake Jordan and show up in mid morning after the other bikers have battled the spider webs that sprung up overnight.

Hurricane Creek Park near Cullman, Alabama has approximately 8 miles of steep and technical trails. There is a small, deep canyon on several hundred acres of land. Expect a lot of freestyle riding. Full suspension is a plus. If youre not completely worn out from riding hard, theres plenty of gorgeous scenery to enjoy as well.

Montesano State Park near Huntsville, Alabama is 30 miles of twisting, rocky trails that follow the contours of the mountains. There are some trails that are not designated for bikes, but they should be well-marked. Theres a family trail for easier riding, but most of the trails require advanced skills. Youll enjoy some fantastic downhill sections here as well.

The Colonial Hills ORV is also near Huntsville and is for the extremely skilled biker. It is well-loved by dirt bikes especially. There are several long climbs in the 15 miles of track, but you are then rewarded with the most incredible descents youve ever experienced! Keep a watch out for the stumps at the bottom though. There are also some rocky, technical sections as well.

Thanks to Alabamas mild winters, cyclists and mountain bikers can enjoy riding all year round. The state parks in Alabama are especially popular places to ride throughout the year. No matter where you go, be sure to keep hydrated and be safe! Happy trails!

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