Friday, July 17, 2009

Canfield Mountain

Mountain Biking
Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Duration: 1 Day
Season: Spring - Fall
Distance: ~7 miles, one way
Difficulty: Moderate

The Canfield Mountain Trail System has more than 32 trail miles in the system. It was designed for motorized trail bikes and mountain bikes, however it is open for all uses (i.e. hiking, etc...) except for ATV's.
The trail system was designed, so that the entire network can be accessed from an old logging road that use to be open to cars and trucks, but is now closed (Road 1562). The trails are a mix of logging roads and single track and range from 0% to 35% grades.
The trails are marked with numbers and there are maps at trail junctions, indicating where you are in the system. Trails with letters for the name (i.e. trail "A") run cross ways or horizontally on the mountain and trails with numbers for the name (i.e. trail "5") run up and down or vertically on the mountain.
From the Nettelton Gulch Parking Lot (which is the entrance on the the old logging Road 1562) to the highest point in the trial system (West Canfield Butte, 4162ft.), you can travel approximately 4 miles and 2000ft. in elevation gain. Trails can be smooth, well-groomed logging roads or steep single track with ruts, loose rocks, roots, drop-offs and other obstacles.
Single track trails receive annual maintenance in the Spring, but because of the motorcycle use, they're usually pretty rough (which makes for some fun downhill). Also, for you pet owners, dogs are allowed on the trail system.

For a map, pictures and more info click on Canfield Mountain

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