Monday, June 8, 2009

Bernard Peak - Idaho Panhandle National Forest

Mountain Biking
Near Athol, Idaho
Duration: 1 Day
Season: Spring - Fall
Distance: ~9 miles, round trip
Difficulty: Difficult

Bernard Peak is located in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest with its scenic mountains, pristine forests and abundant wildlife. It's also located on the banks of Lake Pend Oreille, the state’s largest lake with a surface area of 94,600 acres and numerous forested coves, a flat-water paradise.
As for the trail, Bernard Peak is an intermediate level ride with a good cardiovascular workout, challenging switchbacks and some great single-track.
A more secluded trail with dense forest cover this trail is a great place to stay cool on those hot summer days. This trail is not known for its views because of the dense forest cover, which makes it unique if you like the deep dark forests.
The trail can be taken as an up-and-back trail topping out at the summit of Bernard Peak. The route is mostly single-track with a few old logging roads on the bottom section. The trails smooth but demanding with an elevation gain of approximately 2600ft over 4.5 miles. This trail is not for the faint of heart.
The other option for those not up for a hard workout is to drive to the top and just downhill it.

Directions - From I-90 in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, head north on Highway 95 to Athol Idaho. At the light in Athol Idaho go east or right on Highway 54 for 4 miles and you will come to the navigation circle. Head south here on Goodhope Road for about a mile to Twete Road.At Twete Road take a left and drive past the gravel pit to the end of the road and the trailhead.

NOTE: If you want to just downhill it and drive to the top you can by continuing south on Goodhope Road for 1 more mile (2 miles total) to Bunco Road. Take a left on Bunco Road and travel 2 more miles to the entrance into the National Forest and the end of the pavement. There’s a big parking lot here for snowmobiles in the winter, just head past it and up the hill on FSR #332. At the top of the hill (~4.2 miles) you will come to a side road FSR #2707. Take a left and follow it up the hill making sure to stay to the left at the forks up ahead (~.25 miles). It’s about 2 miles to the top, but make sure you stay to the left on the way up. The road is rough and the vegetation is thick, so don’t go up the last section if you like the paint job on your car.

For a map, pictures and more info click on Bernard Peak

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  1. Great post Greg. Just rode it on Sunday and included the Scout and Shoreline Trails. What a grind. I've only shuttled it in the past but wow, it was worth it.

  2. hey man, my name is Daniel, i live in hayden, and i am 16 in january, just wanted to let you know that ive been riding this trail with ease for over 3 seasons now, it is still a blast, i could probably go a bit faster if i had a full suspention dh bike though. i hope to see you up there, glad theres a couple mountain bikers around here that actually have some brains.