Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beehive Lake

Pack River Valley, Idaho
Duration: 2-3 Day
Season: Spring - Fall
Distance: ~ 9 miles, round trip
Difficulty: Difficult

Located in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, a land of dense forests, abundant wildlife, scenic mountains and giant cedars, is Upper Beehive Lake one of the highest lakes in Idaho at 6457ft in elevation.
This is a great trip providing access to the Selkirk Crest Scenic Area and views of the Pack River Valley. The route is midly steep with good scenic rewards along the way.
The trailhead starts at about 4500ft and climbs to just under 6500ft over ~ 4 miles one-way. An elevation gain of ~ 2000ft, the trail is in decent condition with only one creek crossing (be careful when wet) and a few trees to crawl over.
Toward the end of the climb, the trail gives way to a rock face that's steep but a comfortable angle for walking. From this point route finding is simply keeping the steep rock face on your left and following the ridge of trees up. There are little man-made rock piles along the way to help guide you.
You can’t miss the lake because the rock face on the left and the tree lined ridge on the right come together and meet at the lake.
There are several places to camp but you may need to search a little for them. Water is available along the lower trail and at the lake. NOTE: This route is based on the trip documenter’s experience and can be altered for individual preferences, weather patterns, etc…
Directions - From Sandpoint Idaho take Hwy 95 north ~ 13 miles to Pack River Road #231. Turn left onto Road #231 and go ~ 18 miles to Beehive Lakes Trailhead, which is located on the left side of the road. NOTE: You will need good clearance on your vehicle to travel on FSR #231.
For a map, pictures and more info click on Beehive Lake

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