Monday, November 3, 2014

Fun in the outdoors

Todays kids prefer chilling indoors instead of outdoors, they spend nearly all of their time texting friends, chatting on social websites, or playing video games. As a result, they don't play outdoors like we did and its having some negative consequences for our youth.

That's probably why you want to learn about having fun in the outdoors. So you can encourage your kids to spend time outdoors.

One answer to having fun in the outdoors is to learn some outdoor sports. They can teach us how to be active, adventurous, all while having fun. An outdoor lifestyle can rid someone of laziness while giving them the exercise needed to be in shape.

Here's some examples:

* Mountain biking - Develops endurance, core strength and balance as you ride your bike off-road through difficult terrain.

* Rock Climbing - Also develops your endurance, core strengthens balance as you climb rock walls and cliffs.

* Rafting - Develops core strength as and endurance as you navigate rafts down rivers of whitewater. If you like water then rafting can be the perfect outdoor sport for you.

* Hiking - Probably the easiest to get into and participate in, hiking brings out the true explorer in you. It develops endurance and peace of mind as you explore trials and various terrain.

* Offroading - If you want to explore but are looking for something a little less physical or you have physical limitations then offroading is a great way to see some incredible sights. You can use a jeep or ATV and really cover some ground. It makes the outdoors accessible to everyone.

These and many more adventure outdoor activities are accessible for you. So just select one that that suits you and go have a great time.

Need help getting outdoors or learning some of these new sports then check out Moab Adventure Center in Moab, UT.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Camping Tips For The Summer

By Jane Dabad

When the summer time arrives, so does the fantastic weather and the exciting trips too. Once the days are long and warm, it is the time of year for everybody to take long vacations. However, campers can find the humidity and the heat extremely tough to deal with, especially if they do not have an air-conditioned RV.

Especially in the sticky, hot days, it's a good idea to find a way to prevent yourself from falling victim to heat related injuries and illnesses. If you have air conditioning like in your home, it could become difficult and perhaps hazardous. Make sure you find a nice, cool area that's covered in shade, but bear in mind that what you do on the activities will most likely influence how you feel.

Make certain you take the proper camping gear with you, plan ahead of yourself and make sure you already know what the climate will be while you're out there. Prepare yourself ahead of time, and load up the gear you'll need so that as soon as you reach your destination you aren't left short. If you want to get some cover for your camp site you can take a canvas and stretch it between the trees.

In addition, make certain all the windows are opened up on the tent. This will prevent too much heat from getting in your tent, while allowing more fresh air to circulate around the tent. However, one of the most efficient ways to keep cozy outside is a portable air conditioner. You may get hold of ACs with an extension cord that you can plug in, just be positive that the fan is keeping everybody cool as you are asleep. This is definitely essential since you'll have a terrible sleep if you are too warm during the night.

Make sure you take many drinking water along with you. This is definitely important in the heat because it will help you keep yourself replenished. Make sure that you've got extra supplies to make sure you are able to cover for every circumstance. However, the most effective way to remain ventilated while camping is certainly by utilizing a portable ac unit. It gives you efficiency and will assist you with staying nice and cool, allowing you to enjoy your night without feeling too warm or sick.

Also, don't forget to consider the kind of clothing you're going to wear - finding a fine balance is important. Chances are you'll feel hot during the day, but when the night arrives and the sun goes down you'll probably feel much colder. You need to make sure you take some additional layers along with you for nighttime, and also take some lightweight covers and pillows to help make falling asleep that night less of a challenge. If it is a humid day, you may find falling asleep very hard, so making things as cozy and as cool as they possibly can be will make it that much easier for you.

Everybody knows that camping is fun, but it'll depend how you prepare for it if your vacation will be a good or bad one. Hoping you bring everything you'll need is going to bring about problems, so it's a good idea to get yourself ready for every eventuality, and you'll love every moment of your camping trip.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best Hiking Shoes-Guidelines To Choose One

By Adam Torres

With the recently developed popularity of adventure sports among youngsters and mid-aged people, hiking has become an escape medium for many. More and more people are trying to relax and get out of their busy schedule by going on hiking. Although people have become well aware of the needs of hiking, the intricate details of hiking successfully and comfortably are yet to come to the surface.

Hiking shoes are specially designed to sustain the rigidity and brutality of rugged and untamed terrains. Hence, expecting a hiking shoe to perform like a running shoe or walking boots will be absolutely unfair. People often opt for pricey and fancy hiking shoes, which often turns out to be irrelevant. On the contrary, the quality of the material used, its comfort level and traction quotient are some of the important considerations you must make before opting for a specific hiking shoe.

Understanding hiking terrains Your choice of hiking shoes should vary depending on the type of terrain you are planning to hike in. For instance, muddy and snowy terrains which are characterized by slippery platforms should be treated with a specific type of hiking shoe, like the ones that can avert abrasions and allow you to get a better grip over the surface. On the contrary, lightweight shoes are ideal for short hiking trips, where you are not expecting to carry heavy loads.

The factors which will help you mark the comfort level of you shoe are its padding quality, whether they are roomy enough to let your toe fit in comfortably and their lightweight and flexible nature. While heavy hiking boots will let you carry heavy loads and sustain extremely rugged terrains, the flexible and lightweight ones will let you advance easily and at a faster rate.

Fitting It is customary to never choose a hiking shoe by its looks. Just as the saying goes, "looks are deceptive", you must never rely or choose your shoe depending on how it appears. Rather, the ideal process of choosing a shoe is to slip in and take a nice walk. It is only when you start walking in your hiking shoes, that you will be able to notice the downfalls and fitting of the shoe. Be aware of collapsing shoe fabrics, as the fabric may greatly irritate your skin and lead to the formation of blisters, which is absolutely undesirable for hiking.

Fitting Proper fitting is yet another important criterion you must take into consideration before settling for any variety of shoe. Make sure that you opt for the pair that has enough space to accommodate your toe and the fingers as well. Hiking with scrunched up fingers can become immensely painful and problematic . Hence, make sure that the shoe has enough space to let your feet twist and turn easily. Additionally, you must also ensure that the shoe should not slip out of your heel every time you pick up your leg to cross a stone.

On the contrary, full-grain leather shoes are known to be much more durable, strong and longer lasting. Full grain leather shoes can avert abrasions and wear and tear like no other material.

Other than being soft and cushioned, the comfort level is also determined by the availability of breathable fabric. With the availability of breathable fabric, your leg will be able to breathe more and constitutively with sweat less, which is extremely desirable for frequent hikers. Additionally, you can also opt for water proofed shoes which will let you stay dry even after walking over water ridges.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cheap And Easy Camping Food

By Julie Barry

Barbecuing a fancy meal on your next camping trip can be a lot of fun, plus it can be tasty. However, often we are limited by time, money or space for transporting our gear. That is where cheap and simple camp meals come in useful.

You don't always have to forgo a warm, cooked meal to low-cost food that is easy to prepare. With a mobile burner, you can still enjoy hot coffee in the morning, cook warm morning meals, make fragrant stews and plenty more.

A mobile gas burner can cost you less than twenty bucks plus a mini propane tank will cost a few dollars. Besides being less costly than a barbecue, camping stove or portable grill - this cooking set up uses up extremely minimal space in your car. They are also ideal for backpacking trips.

Presuming that you don't wish to bring food that you need to refrigerate, below are some concepts for camping meals that are easy, economical and healthy.


Get yourself a big stew pot, and you can heat water for all types of noodles. Pasta is cheap, uses up practically no space and does not have to be cooled. Add a container of pasta sauce, and you have a warm, filling meal. Leftovers also make a fantastic, quick lunch.

Chili Beans

Get a couple of cans of chili and heat them in your kettle. Many products already have seasonings included, so this means less work for you without needing to forgo flavor. Once again, no refrigeration required, and naturally canned food keeps for a long time. You can even add your chili to your pasta dish above.


There is nothing like a warm meal at daybreak when you are camping, and oatmeal costs virtually nothing and uses up very little space. You can use the exact same pot you utilized for the pasta and the chili and throw in some oats for a couple of minutes with some cinnamon or maple syrup. For a heartier meal, you can even add some trail mix or dried fruit, which are great treats to take on a camping journey anyhow.


Although it takes longer to cook than pasta, rice is a good alternative, since it is compact, low-cost and it does not have to be refrigerated in its dry state. Rice matches any sort of meat, fish or vegetable, however, I even like it plain with some curry powder.

Tuna in a Can

Canned tuna is an inexpensive, simple and a fast source of healthy protein. Add it to rice, sandwiches, tortilla chips or eat it by itself out of the can. Small serving containers are also a convenient advantage.


This veggie might use up more area, but it is easy to transport, does not need refrigeration and is a low-cost healthy carbohydrate. You might like baked potatoes or those cooked in a skillet vs boiled potatoes, however, no matter what kind of cooking devices you have, know that you have meal choices.

Peanut Butter

Don't forget peanut butter. It is quick and simple and a good source of protein also. If you are looking for an alternative to sandwich bread, why not get whole wheat crackers or rice cakes?

There are plenty more food options to come up with camping meals, however, these staples are very flexible and help you produce a significant number of dishes just by changing your seasonings or sauce.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What To Look For In The Best Camping Tent

By Tommie Herendeen

It is necessary to have the best tent for your particular needs whether you are to be out on a multi day backpacking trip or spending the weekend on a family camp site. Each situation has its own set of requirements. There are a number of features that all tents should have and then depending on what you exactly need from it, there are others which will help you out in particular environments and situations.

Firstly, the most prominent detail to look at is the size of the tent. If you are not experienced in shopping for tents you can often get caught out by the way they are classified. The size of a camping tent is determined by the number of people they can accommodate. As an example a four-man camping tent can sleep 4 people.

The tricky thing for the uninitiated camper is that tents appear way to small to fit as many people as they say they can. This is due to the fact that the size is based upon the maximum individuals sleeping practically on top of each other. If you will need to have any space for baggage or you would like to sleep far from the sides of your tent then you need to buy a tent larger than the number of persons who will be resting in it. For example, a 4 man tent is ideal for a twosome who need lots of room each side of a mattress for their luggage, or for three people with no bags but with a little space to move around.

Weather resistance is one other critical feature of any tent. Unless you're camping in the desert you'll normally need to have a tent that can ensure staying water proof for as long as you need to have it set up. This is for clear reasons!

Bulkiness and set up time is a matter that you may need to take a close look at if you will be employing your tent on a hike. The last thing you want is to haul a heavy tent all around on your back all day then afterwards have to spend an excessive amount of time setting it up once you come to rest. And spending too long taking it down in the morning is far from the best way to commence a day's walking either.

Lightweight hiking tents are costly but well worth purchasing if you are serious about making it the best and most enjoyable experience. However not all of us needs to have this characteristic, like those who camp on a family site and do not want to move it around each day can save money by purchasing a tent that doesn't have these features. These factors are only a small number of the choices people will have to examine when selecting a camping tent. Certainly, there are definitely many more to keep in mind but this shall get people off on the right foot.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Riding Hard in Louisiana

English: Typical All Mountain Mountain BikeImage via Wikipedia
By Pat Walker

Bike riding in Louisiana is a challenge - there's a wide variety of terrain from hills to mangrove forests and swamps. Plus, there's also the climate; while nobody can exactly forget that Louisiana gets hot and sticky and humid, there are people who underprepare. Just remember to fill your canteen before you start, and refresh the sunscreen and insect repellent regularly. Don't forget to keep an eye out for local wildlife, though most prepared trails won't have much to speak of.

If you like a river-view, check out the Stoner Trail in the Shreveport area. It's got several different rides to choose from, and all are color coded for difficulty and well maintained. The 8 miles of track give something suitable for all but the most extreme levels of skills. There's even a local bike shop in the area, that hosts events.

Another Shreveport mountain biking destination is so called "Monkey Trail". It's in Eddy D Jones Park and regularly has a park ranger riding over it; there's a 10 mile loop with the first 7.5 miles of rolling hills that have some hard ascents and some hair raising descents. Rumor has it that the nickname comes from the agility needed to go up the hills; it's a nice technical challenge on the last quarter of the trail, but isn't so daunting that beginners need to stay home.

Lincoln Parrish Park near Ruston is one of Louisiana's best kept secrets. Surrounded by woods, this 10-mile loop features jumps, drops, climbs, descents, and lots of fast riding. There is something for everyone here, from beginners to experienced bikers. However, a lot of it is technical, so unless you're prepared to work on your skills, don't expect a leisurely ride here! There are a number of events held here throughout the year, so the track is always well-maintained.

The Lake Claiborne State Park near Homer has several miles of trails that involve a lot of climbing. The downhill sections are fast and short and then you'll be climbing again. Prepare for quite a workout! It's especially challenging after a rainfall when the trails are rather muddy. There are cabins available to rent nearby, if you want to stay in the area overnight.

In the southern half of the state, there's not as much biking terrain, largely because there aren't a wide variety of hills. One of the minor exceptions is near Baton Rouge, with Hooper Park Trails. This setup has eight miles of well maintained trails with interlocking loops covering a pleasant variety of terrain. Most of the trails are well maintained by the local mountain biking club, and they're mostly color coded for difficulty.

Bodcau near Bossier City is one of the best trails in Louisiana. There are 10 miles of several loops involving fast descents and long climbs. It may be too difficult for beginners. The climbs are tiring, but the incredibly speedy downhill sections are totally worth the effort!

Louisiana has a varied terrain with most of the hilly areas in the northern parts of the state, while the southern areas are more swampy and consist of marshlands. Naturally the better places to ride will be found in the north. The trails listed above are a great place to start when discovering everything Louisiana has to offer bikers of all levels of experience.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gorgeous Kansas Terrain - Viewed Via The Bike Trails

English: Enjoying in Papuk riding bikeImage via Wikipedia
By Patricia J Walker

While Kansas is generally thought of as a large flat state, there are some areas around the perimeter of the state that do offer a little more variety of terrain, and these are the perfect locations for some great biking trails. Since many of these trails are also located near the state's border, they are a great draw for bikers in nearby states who want to check out the trails in Kansas. Consider visiting some of these trails for bikers from beginners to intermediate and advanced riders.

Many of the trails in Wilderness Park began as fire roads from a nearby coal mine by Pittsburg, Kansas-now abandoned. Most of this park is thick forest with a few lakes, making for some gorgeous scenic views. Trails range in difficulty with many of the more technical trails being somewhat out of the way and not very well-marked, but this does make the perfect place to go exploring. Choose from routes with flat terrain or rocky, hilly areas with lots of twists, turns, and rocks to navigate.

Jackson Park near Atchison has some fairly new trails with new stuff being added all the time. You can maps in town. These will help since not all the trails are well-marked. There are gravel sections, log climbs, and other technical things to make for an interesting ride. On top of that, the park itself is gorgeous! This area has a lot of potential.

Camp Horizon near Arkansas City is a network of trails overlooking the Arkansas River. There are some steep, technical climbs; very fast descents; rocky sections to navigate; drops; ramps; and much, much more! These trails are best suited for intermediate to advanced riders. Be sure to bring bug spray because the mosquitoes can be brutal!

Nine miles of fairly flat terrain at the River Trail will make speed demons ecstatic. Near Lawrence, this route is well ridden by lots of bikers, so stay alert for others, and plan to enjoy a few switchbacks, small climbs, and muddy spots thrown in for variety and good measure. If you choose not to go the complete 9-mile route, there are bail out areas along the way, as well.

Did you know that Perry State Park includes 15 miles of fantastic new biking trails-many of which overlook Lake Perry itself? Not many people do-yet! But this new area is sure to gain popularity rapidly with mounting biking fans. These trails weave through the forest and offer lots of exciting challenges-like roller coaster hills, tons of rocks, twists and turns, bone-chilling descents, and even creek crossings. With such an offering, these trails are made even more attractive by the fact that they are marked as to the difficulty and experience level riders should have before tackling each section and a great map to help you select the best route for you.

For another extreme biking adventure, head over to Manhattan to the Tuttle Spillway Cycle Area. This trail-set up originally for ATVs and motorcycles-is one of the best in Kansas and will give you a ride you'll never forget. Lots of steep drops will have you catching lots of air and loving every minute of it. Watch out for other trail users, though!

Try to avoid riding trails when the weather is wet and trails are muddy. Many of these trails can easily deteriorate, as they will erode if navigated while wet and muddy. Stay safe and safeguard the trails so you and other visitors can enjoy these trails for years to come!

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